Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence


When it’s time to make critical business decisions, you need to have information at your fingertips. Some sharp insights and key information can completely change your business strategy. We help you fill in the blanks.

Process Outsourcing

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence


Our core competency is to free you up to focus on YOUR core competency, as effortlessly and seamlessly as possible. Our team objective is to help you increase performance, customer service satisfaction, sales productivity, and profitability.

International Outsourcing

International Business Development Outsourcing

We provide a blueprint for profitable growth by delivering on key cross-functional areas:

    - Market research and market fit test to define the market size, segments and your potential share of the market.     

  -Define customer profile and critical product/service features while estimating propensity rates and potential demand.      

 - Competitors landscape research, including situational analysis on key competitive advantages, weaknesses and pricing positioning.     

 - Sales and distribution strategies to successfully establish a local presence, identify potential business partners and develop adequate sales channels and marketing strategy. 


  - Operations: Legal requirements, logistics and transportation, import-export rules, locations selection, distribution centres and inventory management (when applicable) 


  - Business case: Multi-year P&L, growth rates, investment needs and return.  

   - Business agenda for the first 6 and 12 months of operation, including initial outsourcing of your entire workforce.   


Turn Key international expansion

 We partner with you to become your soft landing turn key solution for your expansion plans in Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America.