With our international solutions, we help companies expand their operations, providing a single contact point for one or multiple countries. 

Expand your operations into North & Latin America without the need to set up an entity. Operate in multiple countries with ease while we eliminate the hurdles and risks that come with sourcing, onboarding, and managing an international workforce. 

Our Staffing, Recruitment, and Payroll solutions help you launch a new overseas team quickly and efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.

Staff augmentation

Staffing is a necessary piece for your global expansion strategy. Moving into a new market requires hiring local employees or contractors to assist effectively and efficiently with growth. For example, hiring an in-country manager boosts sales because that rep understands the market and culture. Whether you need to fill hundreds of job orders in multiple countries ina couple weeks or a highly-specialized niche role where only a handful of candidates in the field may possess the desired skill set, we will deliver every time.

Recruitment & RPO 

The challenge to attract and engage high-quality talent is especially acute internationally. Cultural differences, disparate legal systems, and shifting politics play a significant role in recruiting and hiring practices. Our experienced recruitment teams across North & Latin America have the knowledge, expertise, and access to ever-increasing talent pools to deliver candidates who align perfectly with your job requirements and company culture when and where you need them.

Soft Landing services

We are a one-stop-shop for all the North & Latin American needs for various global blue-chip companies in a wide range of industry verticals. Our local expertise ensures your operations are fully compliant in each country so you can focus on the expansion of your business. If you’d like to expand into the Americas easily and quickly, send us a message; we will ensure you expand safely, efficiently, and effectively with any of the following services you may need.

  • Turnkey Payroll services in all the North and Latin American countries.
  • Business process outsourcing - nearshoring.
  • Domestic market research and entry assistance
  • Product localization, language and translation services
  • Intellectual property and patent assistance
  • Local incorporation services
  • Immigration, visa, and business license assistance

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Our company has successfully filled jobs in Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Safety, Project Controls, Planning, Cost Engineering, Start-up & Commissioning, Estimating, Process Controls, R&D, Training, Human Resources, Contracts Administration, Finance and Accounting, Medical, Scientific and many more across the NAFTA borders and territories.

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